Event Location Information


If you are interested in volunteering as a staff member for the weekend your registration fee will be waived and your meals will be covered. We are always in need of good, dedicated staff members so please do not hesitate to email staff@be-epic.com if you are interested in participating.

Before arriving at game, as a player OR a staffer, you should make certain to set up a Condenser account. This is an essential tool to our logistics and helps us get the game up and running faster and better. Thank you!

Steam & Cinders currently holds all events at Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA. This picturesque campsite is a perfect wooded and lakeside (or riverside... we can't really tell.. but we know there's water there) location for Steam & Cinders with both cabin space available and an area for tenting. Because our game has grown so rapidly over the years, we frequently cap out our registrations. We ask that you please plan accordingly with your registration and know that the earlier you register for a weekend, the earlier we can begin developing compelling stories for your character.

Camp Middlesex is located at 1031 Erickson Rd. - Ashby, MA. 01431 - 90 minutes northwest of Boston in central Mass.

In addition to your normal LARP attire and neccessaries its a good idea to bring firepit food and wood donations (the in-game firepits are player funded/run and spare chopped wood and food is always welcomed by them).

Upcoming Events

POST-MORTEM ~ November 22