Who is Be Epic?

Be Epic is a community-based not-for-profit organization aimed at the artistically creative and financially responsible creation of LARPs (live action role-playing games), to be run for set durations in collections of weekend events. Successive story arcs may or may not take place in the same game environment as the initial collection of events.

The purpose of Be Epic is to create a game that above all else strives for the entertainment and enjoyment of its players (and staff). Additionally, the importance of an interactive, collective storytelling system within a vibrant and flexible fantasy environment and room for growth must be emphasized. The end product of this organization will provide a starting point for the socialization and community involvement, as well as theatrical and artistic development for its members.

What About Steam & Cinders?

Steam & Cinders is a steampunk larp produced by Be Epic and run in the Boston area. The story of Steam and Cinders takes place on the world of Talus where magic and technology have merged into a single entity and steam power rules the continent. The game unfolds in an out-of-the-way outpost called Iron City - a frontier town that was built around a very rich and mysterious natural mine. From the depths of the mine more than just minerals have been excavated. Tensions will rise as political entities clash over the mysteries and horrors unearthed in Iron City.